Key Benefits of Physician Placement Services

December 5, 2015 in Featured

By 2020 the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a physician deficit that could amount to nearly 100,000 doctors. Half of those are predicted to be patient care physicians. Reasons for this anticipated shortage include a large number of aging Baby Boomers in our nation’s population, forced insurance compliance through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the upcoming retirement nearly a third of doctors in the US.

By itself one of these things is worrisome, but the amalgamation of all three aspects creates harsh consequences for the healthcare sector and the people who are dependent upon those doctors. For a healthcare professional the physician deficit can signify a potential loss of volume and declining bottom line revenue for the business. One way healthcare admins can anticipate potential changes that happen as a result of physician shortages, staff changes or heavy patient caseloads is by working with a physician recruiter for physician placement services.

NHR Nationwide’s physician placement services presents a way for its clients to prepare a succession plan for the future which accounts for changes in staffing and patient load through the recruitment of new physicians. Recruitment services can also offer facility-dedicated assistance to find new physicians to accommodate temporary fluctuations or when a need arises due to the addition of new services.

Increasingly, physician shortages means anticipating and preparing for a plan of succession sooner rather than later. This needs to happen at least several months in advance to help you find the right physician for your facility when one plans to leave or retire. Searches with requirements that include specific specialties and/or hard-to-fill locations often require additional time to perform.

Because NHR Nationwide works to build a partnership between the facility and physicians, it is easier to create streamlined processes which benefit the physician, the facility and the patient. We like to create a win-win for everyone involved in the physician placement services process.

At NHR Nationwide the process does not end after the recruitment of the doctor. Physicians working with NHR Nationwide’s partner facilities benefit from marketing services that inform the community about the specialty the physician will bring to the practice. The facility benefits because we find the best possible fit for their needs.


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