To assist with your decision-making process, NHR has provided a summary contrasting a Contingency Assignment and a Retained Search Assignment.  In brief, it outlines each approach and its advantages.

Contingency Assignment:

Approach:  Mostly reactive (passive); driven by candidate needs.

Recruiting:  Partial allocation of resources; opportunistic when the client need and candidate interest coincide.

Target Audience:   Candidate pool is small and consists of existing candidates in our database who has requested your specific geographic area.

Marketing Strategies:  Marketing activities and advertising campaigns are general in approach.

Benefits:  Lower cost option, yet passive commitment to filling your opportunity.

Retained Search Assignment:

Approach:  Proactive (aggressive); driven by the need.

Recruiting:  Full allocation of resources and a committed investment; you partner with NHR and, in turn, recruiters and support staff are assigned to your search.

Target Audience:  Candidate pool is very large and consists of two types:  1) those living and/or licensed in your specific geographic area, but not actively looking for a job, and 2) those that are qualified and match your needs, but are living or licensed outside your specific geographic area.

Marketing Strategies:  Targeted marketing activities occur over a six-month period and include outbound telemarketing, direct response advertising (mail, fax, e-mail, internet), and job postings in trade journals and targeted websites. 

Benefits:  Full commitment to quickly filling your opportunity; high-priority assignment, extensive administrative support, personalized productivity monthly reports.